My name is Ellen Roepert. I write fantasy stories and I even act them out at larp events. My website is a place where I gather up those stories and keep them for all to see.

In my daily life, I pretend to be innocent and normal: I have an office job, I have a husband and a house in Nijmegen, and a black cat named Bimfoodle. Some of my loved ones live in Rotterdam and Delft, and my parents live in Lelystad, so I spend a lot of time in trains.

Now you might wonder why my website is in English. The same reason why I write my stories in English. Though I speak several languages and I live in the Netherlands, English is still the language of my thoughts, it has been ever since boarding school, and I guess it always will be. Or maybe it started before that, with Children’s BBC in the broom cupboard…

I am rather open and friendly on social media, don’t hesitate to look for me on facebook, but I don’t have twitter. Call me longwinded, but I can’t properly express myself in less than 140 characters.