always look at the bright side

There’s an upside to my recent inability to relax: I’m getting things done. Household chores, things no one wants to do at work, planning ahead. I’m amazed at the amount of things I can suddenly do in one day.

There’s an upside to my new job consuming 32 hours of my time every week: my bank account is healthy, despite my spending spree at Castlefest.

There’s an upside to working in this entirely new branche, with very different people: I now have some perspective on why I was so unhappy at my previous job.

There’s an upside to travelling 40 minutes to work and 40 minutes back home again: it gives me time to clear my head.

There’s an upside to working with lots of part-time colleagues: they respect each other’s free time and applaud each other’s efforts to go home on time.

There’s an upside to working in a supportive role: people thank me all day long for everything I do.

There’s an upside to having lots of friends with busy schedules: I know all of the fun things I’m going to do with them, weeks in advance.

Life is not so bad…

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