Wedding and a funeral

My uncle funeral was last thursday. It gave me a lot of thoughts and ponderings about beliefs and values. Ask me about it sometimes, if you want to have an interesting allbeit serious conversation.

Today, I’m going to the wedding of a friend. I haven’t known her very long, she’s one of the new friends I’ve been making. My attention is shifting, away from my old boardgame friends who complain a lot about politics and work, away from the larpers who just want me to listen to their problems and agree with them, to people who really care about what I like and what goes on in my life. I’m glad and I feel fortunate to be able to distinguish between friend and acquaintance.

This will be the fifth wedding I go to this year. Only few people I know are still young and unmarried. It says something about my age, and what I’m supposed to be doing in life. I can’t count the amount of babies in my circle of acquaintances. And I don’t want to. Realising that I would have wanted a little blond flappy-eared Hubbie-clone still makes me cry. They are all moving on in life, with children and grandchildren, the way it’s meant to be. And I’m just stuck here, selfishly living for myself.

I’m going to wear my grey suit and a cloche hat. Because the bride loves hats and suits. I hope the weather will be nice to them. I hope to see a number of people I love today and give them hugs. I hope for many happy days to come.

2 thoughts on “Wedding and a funeral

  1. I’m inside and the sun is really warm through my window. Seems like a perfect fall weddingday. 🙂
    Not having kids isn’t selfish, really. People have said that to me too and I refuse to listen to them. There are a 1001 different ways to be a good person and a lot of those ways are without kids.

  2. Dear Ellen, thank you so much for being there, and you’re one of very few people who can pull off a cloche that well (trust me, I see new people trying one on at the start of every hat course I follow). I also loved your suit, you looked like a million bucks. 🙂

    We’ll talk over tea/coffee some time soon. Take care sweetie.

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