I’ll just be my own personal assistent for a while

Why is it that I really don’t mind doing all the stuff that needs to be done and all the stuff no one wants to do at work, but I really don’t feel like doing anything like that at home? Maybe I should treat myself the way I’d like my boss to treat me. Maybe I should just be my own personal assistent for a while…

It’s not like I’m bored. We have the house in Eindhoven to worry about. And Badger’s Business. And the Maerquin ALV. And my book. And job applications. And the daily chores around the house.

To celebrate our 12th year together, Hubbie and I went to a hotel near Heerlen this weekend. It’s so strange to celebrate happy things when there is still grief and loss looming over us. I don’t care if my tears mean I’m sad or I’m happy. Love is sharing tears with your spouse.

Tomorrow is Monday again, and I’ll get back to business then, as my own personal assistent.


A friend of mine has pointed me towards a self-publishing service that she’s very happy about. So I’m looking into finally, really publishing my book. So you can all read it. If you want.

So keep in touch. My book is coming out.