in the light

I remember how we stood naked in the light
Huddled together and vulnerable
As if we had just been reborn
As if we were angels
Chosen to bring the light to others
It was so beautiful it burned
I stood there weeping
Taking it all in with my newfound senses
You looked around for ways to protect us
To shield yourself and become stronger
Perhaps you perceived me as weak

You walked down the warrior’s path
It strengthened you and steeled you
But when you beckoned me to follow you
I turned back towards the light
Perhaps you perceived it as rejection
When I didn’t want to wear your helmet
But I felt I couldn’t see with that thing on my head
We never spoke again since

Sometimes I look at you
Across a chasm of misunderstanding and silence
You still walk the path of the warrior
With your strong and confident friends
You laugh at weaklings
Your armour glints in the light
I hardly recognise you
I still remember what you looked like
naked in the light

One thought on “in the light

  1. And with the condescending gaze looking upon the weaklings, sharp pain was felt in the chest as the smiles of those she deemed lesser beings, could not brighten the inside of that armor. If only she saw her self in the reflection of her armor, a mirror polished by those around, maybe that the meaning of the true smile once again she found. Being confound in the cold steel is all that seems familiar now.

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