Thank you

There is no way I can possibly express my gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life and the gifts they grant me. But I want to try anyway.

Thank you for tolerating me; I am eccentric, I have quirks and flaws, I am far from perfect. I worry too much, I get carried away, I can be overly sensitive and I can be terribly dim. Yet you like me for some reason.

Thank you for being so kind and gentle with me; you have gone out of your way not to hurt me, you care about my needs and my well-being, you want to make me happier, to make my life better somehow. I noticed, and I have no idea why you deem me worthy of your attention. Thank you.

Thank you for just being you, for showing me your true face, for trusting me to come close and admire you. I’ve returned the favour and I’ve probably hurt your feelings somewhere along the line. I will probably do it again. Thank you for your patience and courage.

I’m honoured and humbled that you’re part of my life. I try to show it every time I see you. Thank you.

One thought on “Thank you

  1. You are eccentric: and creative as hell, have a knack for creating good drama in a game. To say I “tolerate” you is a vast misinterpretation, i like to be with you, to co-create, to brainstorm when your mind comes up with the delightfull plottwists.

    You are sensitive to others and try to help people with what you sense. That is amazing.

    So, lady, you are admired right back!

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