Working on Irresistible

Story length so far 2814 words
What’s going on? Lena has just found out that vampires and demons exist, and somehow they die when they attack her. Her boyfriend doesn’t believe her.
What’s coming next? Lena will meet her impossible love interest: the incubus who I’ve modeled after Tom Hiddleston
State of Lena She has a smart mouth but she’s otherwise a little intimidated
Deaths? 2: vampire Fred kills a bum in the park, and then he dies when he attacks Lena
Noteworthy snippet

Nick’s room was dark except for his desk lamp and his computer screen when I entered. He sat at his desk, one hand on the mouse while the other controlled the keyboard. His hair was flattened by his big headphones, his blue eyes glued to the characters fighting on the screen. He greeted me with the absent nod I knew so well. It meant: “I’m in the middle of combat right now, I’ll put the game down as soon as possible”. I splashed some water from the sink in my face and my neck and then crawled onto the bed. After a while, Nick said to his microphone: “I’ll be AFK now, guys.”

He put down his headphones and rolled his chair over to the bed. He embraced me and I told him everything. Everything up to the part where the vampire grabbed me, and what had happened after that. I couldn’t tell him that. I felt embarrassed, I had somehow enjoyed that. The words stuck in my throat, so I huddled on the bed.

“It was like I was in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. One where Buffy is out of town.” He patted me on the leg. “California is a long way from here, no wonder she didn’t swing by.”

“I’m not joking, Nick! I saw a real vampire really kill someone! And I…” I expected my stomach to churn at the thought of the pool of blood. But my body reacted positively, I was feeling pretty good.

Nick just nodded. “What kind of powers do you suppose a vampire has?”

My mouth sagged open as I looked at him. “Powers?”

“You know, if they’re like Buffy’s vampires, we could defeat them with a pointy stick or by setting them on fire. It would be dangerous, but doable.” He leaned back in his chair as he stared at the ceiling, thinking out loud. “But if they’re like World of Darkness vampires or Anne Rice’s vampires, we don’t stand a chance.”

I gasped, not knowing what to say. He was such a nerd.

He looked at me. “What?”

“This is not out of one of your books. This really just happened!”

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