waiting for daylight savings

The autumn weather has me all confused whether to wear a sweater or a T-shirt, and I hate standing at the busstop in the morning at eight in the dark. It’s that time of year again, I’m tired and cold and in need of hugs.

On the bright side: I feel welcome and needed at work, without undue stress. I’m the assistant to a manager who really cares about getting all the work done right, all the projects finished and financed, and the interim manager overseeing the reorganisation of our unit likes me to make his presentations and mood boards, and his coffee.

In other news: almost seventy people have signed up for Maerquin in November. It’s good to see the group of adventurers in Marsilac grow again, and I hope this will make Rene and Anita’s last event as organisors a memorable one. Me and Jørgen will try our very best to be dependable and available OC while living dangerously and challenging others IC.

But there’s still a few quiet weeks before Maerquin. Poor Bimfoodle can’t get used to living indoors now that we both have a job again. We try to console him with hugs in the evening. I swear he’s going to sit on my lap and let me hug him one of these days.


Is feeling much better, btw. Not because he got the right medication, mind you. Just the right vet. Who takes us seriously as intelligent and well-meaning owners, who trusts us with giving the right amount of medication correctly, and giving him all the information he needs to diagnose the problem.

Bimfoodle coat is again glossy black and his urine looks normal now. The house is quiet and back to normal again.


What’s on my mind this week? My poor black cat is. He has had a bladder infection for weeks. His howling tells me it’s painful. So he tries to pee in many different places, to see if it hurts less. Some of the drops of pee are red.

My vet said it’s stress, after two treatments with antibiotics (five days each) nothing has changed and my cat is still in pain. He can’t find any bladderstones or bacterial infection, so it must be stress.

So this afternoon, I’m taking Bim to another vet. I can’t just sit here and wait for it to go away while he is obviously in pain. There must be something that will bring relief. Painkillers, something the other vet overlooked. There is something making him pee blood, ffs! Don’t tell me it’s stress. Stress does not make you pee blood.

So, I’ll keep you posted…