Every new day is a miracle

My uncle passed away in his sleep. My aunt found him saturday morning. My father-in-law’s health is not well. These things happen, this is life. Every new day is a miracle and a nightmare of scary, painful and unkown things and beautiful, enjoyable wonders. All at the same time.

I want to enjoy more. I want to enjoy my father’s cooking. I want to cook for them. I want to take my mum to a museum. I want to spend time with people who make me smile and who allow me to cry. People who want to be with me whether I’m sad or happy.

I want to enjoy your presence and hear your ideas. I want to sit together and do nothing more than touch each other. Body and mind.

I may finally be learning this mindfulness thing…

as mondays go, this one was pretty crappy

We have again arrived at that time of year that my fingers and toes are perpetually cold. The train and the bus, when they’re not cold too, are crowded and I have to stand a lot. Some people are just never pleased, no matter how hard I try. And my body has these little flaws and defects that hurt or make me run to the bathroom, but it’s not bad enough to see the doctor. Oh, and Bimfoodle thought it was a good idea to bring me a heavily wounded but alive turtle dove.

On the bright side, because there’s always a bright side, we have ordered a new comfy couch, I have Harvest Moon on my DS and plenty of time to play it on the train, I have made some new friends who make me very happy, my workplace is still a very nice place to be, and an oriental supermarket opened near us, where I can get all kinds of exotic goodness.

waiting for daylight savings

The autumn weather has me all confused whether to wear a sweater or a T-shirt, and I hate standing at the busstop in the morning at eight in the dark. It’s that time of year again, I’m tired and cold and in need of hugs.

On the bright side: I feel welcome and needed at work, without undue stress. I’m the assistant to a manager who really cares about getting all the work done right, all the projects finished and financed, and the interim manager overseeing the reorganisation of our unit likes me to make his presentations and mood boards, and his coffee.

In other news: almost seventy people have signed up for Maerquin in November. It’s good to see the group of adventurers in Marsilac grow again, and I hope this will make Rene and Anita’s last event as organisors a memorable one. Me and Jørgen will try our very best to be dependable and available OC while living dangerously and challenging others IC.

But there’s still a few quiet weeks before Maerquin. Poor Bimfoodle can’t get used to living indoors now that we both have a job again. We try to console him with hugs in the evening. I swear he’s going to sit on my lap and let me hug him one of these days.

and then, out of nowhere…

I have a job! They want me to start on monday.

It’s a challenge and they were upfront about that. But I could just see the HR manager’s eyes light up as I answered questions about myself. They have high expectations of me. Let’s do this!

Reinstatement of the weekly post

I really want to go back to writing something about my life every week, but I feel uncomfortable writing here about where I’m going all the time. So instead of telling you about what’s on my to do list, I’ve resolved to write about what’s on my mind every week.

So, what is on my mind?

Not a whole lot. Or at least that’s my goal. I have been overthinking everything a lot lately. So, my resolve for this week is to enjoy the moment. Loosen up. Tell my loved ones sweet little nothings and make them laugh.

Not everything has to make sense. I don’t need my thinky brain all the time. Especially when I’m trying to be happy.


I have decided I want to do some redecorating, but you guys know me. Power tools and me, it’s very hazardous. So here’s my request: if any of you want to help me hang some lamps, drapes and other ornaments from the walls and ceilings of my house, please let me know. I have all the tools, I’m just afraid to use them. Let’s pick a date and I’ll make you yummies in return.