Status: Active
Race: Human
Class: Priestess of Annmarack
Events: Maerquin Weekend 25 – 39

kort halfelven1

This young lady has run away from her noble parents to go adventuring on her own. Her parents wanted her to join the convent in Siloportem to become a necropriestess, but she could not find it in her heart to stay there. She became pregnant from a local young man called Collin and had to marry him. Collin however had heavy debts and was killed because of that. Ellenora has been traveling around alone ever since. She met an adventurer by the name of Fedor, who in time became a paladin of the Goddess of Beauty, and who married her. Their love was never easy, obstacle after obstacle just seems to find their path. Ellenora would like nothing more than to just find safety, but alas, her home country has been taken over by evil powers and she has been cast out. For a short while, she was named the Regent of Marsilac while the Baron was gravely ill, but now that the Baron is in good health again, and Ellenora is with child, she has retired to the countryside.

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