Emma Groot

Status: One time only
Profession: Owner of the Saloon
Event: Dead Fox Junction

Emma at midzomerfair

Emma Groot is the owner of the saloon in the little town of Dead Fox Junction, just 10 miles from the middle of nowhere. In the saloon, there’s only one rule: no one may use violence except Emma, and she’s not afraid to enforce this rule. Emma is married to johannes Groot, the reporter for the local paper. Dead Fox Junction is a quiet town where people keep to themselves. Except that all the inhabitants have been dead for more then a hundred years. After observing the town for a few days, a group of youngsters of Native American descent decide to call upon the powers of their ancestors to help the ghosts of Dead Fox Juction to move on.

Stories about Emma and her life in Dead Fox Junction:
Johannes and Emma’s Marriage
Ben’s Plans
Emma’s end