Lanelle Istya Anwen

Status: Active
Race: Elf
Class: Priestess of Aurora
Event: Charm XXVI – XXIX

Lanelle in actie1

Lanelle is almost 600 years old and has always lived in the Royal City of the Elf Queen on the elven islands far away from the human world. She is the wife of one of the advisors to the Queen: Gaelath Saerdur Elhael, and the mother of Isilme Elenya Istya and Ilthuryn Saerdur Istya, two young and brave researchers. Isilme and Ilthuryn ventured into the human world to aid in the battle against the threat from the Necropolis. Now that the threat is vanquished, Lanelle has joined them on their travels, hoping to see more of the world.