Status: Deceased
Race:  Human
Class: Mage/Priestess
Event: Kederan VI – XII

Luna's priesterjas2

Luna had started out as a travelling bard who knew a few spells, looking for new stories to tell. She met a confused old man, a fool many people thought, but she saw clarity in his eyes and she heard wisdom in his enigmatic words. This man was Eemar, the last priest of Erasu, the fallen god of Order and Knowledge. Together with her old friend Olivier, Luna followed Eemar and cured him of his madness, and Eemar named them priests of Erasu.

A strange thing happened during the battle against the fire demon Xavier, who had taken over their homes, several people, inluding Luna and Olivier, found a strange magical stone that had once been a part of a servitor of Mishka, the god of water. The stone gave them a tattoo on their face and strange powers. Travellers from a far-away land called Kenkon recognised the tattoos, which they called Shinzo, and invited them to come over to their land and find out more about them.

In Kenkon, the Shinzo are a gift of the Emperor and a mark of a leader of a House, a Daimyo. House Gentaru, who uphold the law in Kenkon, said it was blasphemy that these foreigners had Shinzo and ordered the foreigners to remove them at once. Both Luna and Olivier got rid of their Shinzo, but they remained fascinated with this new country, because the Emperor’s Shinzo is apparently a golden triangle, the holy symbol of Erasu.

Luna fell in love and married Robert Vigilante, a Paladin from her homeland Neresa. She became pregnant with his child and they wanted to return to Neresa soon, to start a family together. But Robert understood Luna’s quest for more knowledge of Erasu, and they travelled to the centre of Kenkon together in search of an ancient temple.

Luna died giving birth to their child. Olivier thought it might be a good idea to pray to Erasu during the birth; their God might remember what it’s like to start out in the world. The power it took to make a real connection between Kederan and Erasu cost Luna her life.