Status: Retired
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Priestess
Event: Omen 5 – 12, Drachenfest 2011-2012 Grüne Lager


The Anarquendor en Eglérion was sent by Queen Tisaren Shanaehan to help the humans in founding a new town. The woodelves and humans both agreed on the place where this town was to be created. As an affirmation of the alliance between their two peoples, the Queen sent the Anarquendor en Eglérion to aid the humans wherever possible. The Anarquendor are lead by Beriadanwen Namiëmelda, who is their captain in battle. Sairahiniel Onvolonda is their spiritual leader as a priestess of Rystill, the goddess of nature. Her husband, Arevalo Onvolonda, is the Anarquendor’s druid who knows much of the woods, and Nessa Amandil is the healer and surgeon of the regiment. The rest of the regiment consists of archers and wardancers.

Sairahiniel hardly survived the war. She discovered that she was an attentive and orderly triage officer, but her heart was too fragile to withstand war and all its death. When she got into trouble by insulting a superior officer, she was retired to a temple deep in the woods of Weylin, where her services as priestess were much more appreciated.