Status: Retired
Race: Dryad
Class: Druid
Event: Kederan XII – XVI


(In the picture is Dolle Griet, who made both these fabulous costumes, and who played Maretak, Vuurdoorn’s sister)

Vuurdoorn had always been a happy dryad who lived in the enchanted woods made by the Archwizard who called himself Snake. Snake’s woods were full of strange creatures but Vuurdoorn’s life was a sheltered one. Until that day when a wizard walked up to her tree without knowing that it was hers. He had been in a magical accident that had caused him to become older, and he wanted to steal the youth of her tree. His attempt to do so failed, but created a magical bond between Vuurdoorn and the wizard himself. Soon after, he started to refer to her as his wife.

But the wizard went on a quest to a far away land, and the more distance there was between him and Vuurdoorn, the more unhappy and lonely they both felt. In the middle of his quest, the wizard fled back to Snake’s woods to find her, and she pleaded him never to leave her side again. With tears in his eyes, he explained that he had a mission in that far away land; important things to see and do. So she decided to come with him, abandoning her tree.

Maretak, another dryad from Snake’s woods, was shocked when she learned what Vuurdoorn had done. Determined to save Vuurdoorn from a horrible death, she said goodbye to her tree the proper way, and followed Vuurdoorn to this strange new land, because she knew Vuurdoorn would slowly die now that she had left her tree and had uprooted herself in the process.

The magical bond between Vuurdoorn and the wizard enabled them to share their powers but also made them dependent. And Vuurdoorn found out that something was terribly wrong with her love; he was in pain. An undead dryad had cursed him so that he could never speak the truth. With much determination and the help of friends, the undead were defeated and the wizard finally revealed to her his true name. And told her that he loved her.

Vuurdoorn’s health was declining however; she should not have uprooted herself like that. When the wizard was infused with powerful nature magic and the urge create something new, he decided to grow a new tree where she could live. Vuurdoorn now resides in a birch tree not far from the Longhouse of the Oakheart, in Krimmhild.