Status: Deceased
Race: Feline
Class: Priestess
Event: Charm X – XII


Whisper was exiled by her people from Leeuwenberg because she was devoted to Helos, the god of death, and not the goddesses of beauty and deceit that her people worshipped. Helos had spoken to Whisper, showing her a temple in the human land of Thuringen where she would have to go. That temple was the place where she met Endar, a paladin of Helena, and they fell in love. Together they travelled with the heroes who sought to fight the necromancers that had taken control of the Baron of Raanor.

Whisper swore a bond of sisterhood in Helos’ name with Lacierta, a faithful and serene human priestess and together they brought back a Scarlet Knight from the afterlife to aid the heroes. After a battle with an evil Unseelie, Lacierta made the mistake of agreeing with the champion of Destruction to┬átry to capture and destroy the Unseelie’s soul. Helos was furious and sentenced both┬ásisters to death. They are now still serving him in the afterlife.