My fantasy novel is available on Amazon and as ebook on Kindle. It’s a fantasy story about three young, powerful mages trying to understand what their purpose is in life, and an archaeologist who discovers that one of the gods is not dead, but imprisoned, and there is a conspiracy to release Him from that prison. Feel free to leave a review on amazon or on goodreads, or write something in the comments below.

Destiny is not a story written by the Gods. It is a bright light that shines from the eyes of people who will do great things, and whose names will be remembered. People like Topaz and Jareth, mages who must serve the people to ensure justice and peace. Destiny is the path that lies before them; it changes every time they make a decision, whether it be big or small. It is so complex that only the Gods can fully understand it, because each path branches out to influence others that also change every moment. Jareth’s decision to find answers will eventually lead to an archaeological dig, and to the Curse of the Gods.

I’m planning to publish some of my short stories in the same way. I have made a poll so you can let me know which stories you’re interested in.

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